At Falcon Go, we want our customers to be absolutely satisfied when they purchase an e-scooter or e-bike from us. Email us about our very affordable e-bike and e-scooter rental program today! We have a wide range of electric scooter and electric bike products to choose from.

*The service is only available in the Bangkok area.

Rental Pricing

Falcon Go has a rental program @ 500 THB per day for customers who would like to bring home a scooter to test out during their daily commute. Simply contact us to book your electric scooter. A charger will be provided together with the rental unit.

Delivery and pickup service is also available at 500 THB per pickup/delivery. A safety deposit of 12,000 THB will be required upon collection. The remainder minus the cost of the rental will be returned to you when you return the e-scooter to us.

Should you choose to purchase an e-scooter or e-bike from us, the cost of the rental will be discounted from the price of the product.