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Holiday Gift Guide for Men – 6 E-Scooters to Get Him

E-Scooters Thailand holiday Christmas gift present men him

The Christmas holidays are coming up soon and everyone’s going about getting gifts for their friends and loved ones. Ever get stuck on what to buy for a brother, boyfriend or husband? Because, yes, guys are indeed very difficult to buy gifts for. You can’t get them soft toys, make-up, or jewelry. So what exactly can you get them?

Well, we’ve got you covered. This is a holiday gift guide on how to choose the most suitable e-scooter for your man. The e-scooter might prove to be the most practical and convenient gift ever. Trust us, we know.

Dualtron ultra electric scooter1. For the speed demon – Dualtron Ultra

The Dualtron Ultra packs the most power in any e-scooter in the world. With speeds up to 80km/h factory production units, that’s still not the fastest it can go. With some modifications, its top speed can even hit 90km/h and above.

It’s the perfect gift for the adrenaline junkie who always seeks to go faster and faster.

inokim quick 3 electric scooter2. For the busy executive always on the go – Inokim Light

The Inokim Light is sleek, beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Great for the busy executive who needs to keep up with appearances. 

Traffic lights every 50m in the Central Business District? No problem. Avoid all the traffic lights and congestion with the Inokim Light. It will give you the most comfortable ride possible at its price point. 

Inokim quick 3 escooter gift for men

3. For the tech junkie – Inokim Quick 3

With the Inokim Quick series being the most popular e-scooter on the market nowadays, many 3rd party modification providers have popped up. Making this electric scooter a dream come true for tech junkies who love to modify their toys.

There are a hundred ways to make your scooter a unique one. Stick a custom decal on it, upgrade its battery or replace your drum brakes with hydraulic ones. And if you are not keen on modifying it, just add on accessories such as phone mounts and high-powered torchlights.

e-twow booster e-scooter4. For the commuter – E-TWOW Booster Plus

It’s light at 10.8kg and can be pulled along like a trolley. You can carry it when you need to, and roll it along when you are tired of carrying it. These 2 features make it perfect for the commuter.

Its small footprint also means that you can carry it on the train during rush hours without inconveniencing other commuters.

Solid rubber tyres also make this a great choice for commuters who travel long distances; no more flat tyres and replacing them every few months.

zero 2.0 light electric kick scooter thailand5. For the person who is too lazy to walk to the nearby restaurant – Zero 2.0

Yup, you know them him. The one that constantly asks you to buy food home. They one who begs you to make a trip to the market to get some grub for him.

I was once that person, and perhaps still am. Which is why I know the Zero a great scooter for the lazy person. It will turn a hot and tedious 15 min walk in the hot sun into a 2 min ride.

The Zero 2.0 the lightest e-scooter in the world at 6.8kg. Doesn’t take much effort to carry it, and even if it does, just roll it along, no problem.

inokim mini light electric scooter thailand

6. For the university student – Inokim Mini+

University campuses are massive, and for most of us who can’t afford a car, getting from class to class can be a chore sometimes. Buses are erratic and frequently slow. Walking in the hot Southeast Asian sun is not a great alternative either if you don’t wanna arrive in class drenched in sweat.

The Inokim Mini+ is uniquely suited to the university student. It is powerful enough to overcome any slopes on campus, has enough range to go the distance (17km per charge), and light enough to bring onto public transport.

The latest electric scooter from Inokim also comes with trolley wheels, which allows it to stand upright, saving you space in the classroom, bus or train.

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